Hello there :)

I just start blogging for not very long and still learning how it works. So please feel free to leave comments just about anything. Ideas and suggestions about how to improve things will be very appreciated. Thanks!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

There's someone :)

I've been meaning to write about this 'someone' for a couple of days. But been busy with stamps requested by my friends from Thailand Handcraft Webboard. And as I just finished a new set of stamps for my friend. I quickly start writing what you are about to read at this very moment :)

Okay, there's someone.

This someone contacted me asking for a custom stamp set. I was surprised as it was my very first sale of hand carved stamp that I was looking forward to.

We started our conversation just like others, I supposed. She asked for my quotation and I replied to her. To be honest, I got very very little profit from this order. As back then I was desperately waiting for my very first hand carved stamp sale . I thought noone appreciated my work and there she came. I set up the price just to cover the materials and a little bit of the time I spent on carving those stamps out. I wanted to prove it to myself that I could do it. My work was good enough.

We kept writing each other as I need to design those stamps for her. She was very nice and kind. I'm not saying it because she gave me compliments and what not. I meant she encouraged me just like a good old friend would have done.

And while I was carving those little stamps for her I figured that I started all this shop and everything just because I loved carving stamps!

Back when I had no shop, I carved stamps every night just for my own happiness. So why do I need to wait for a sale in order to be happy? 'Coz I actually already am!!

Well, here they are the 7 lip balm flavour stamp set for my favorite customer :)

She recieved them a few days ago. She wrote me how much she loved them.
And I'm very happy not because she said she loved them all. But because I have found the reason why I am here selling my hand carved stamps online AND because this opening a shop on Etsy helped me find this wonderful person :)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Custom Stamp to Trade in Thai Website

I recently take part in a fun activity in the most famous Thai handcraft forum. The point of this activity is to share our passions of handcraft projects. We randomly trade stuffs and this girl who's got my stuff asked me to carve this Famous Japanese Cartoon Character, named Conan. He's actually one of my favorites cartoon characters too! So I was very happy carving this little one. I look for the right Conan pic I love to carve then sat down and carve it out. Takes approximately 45 mins and here it is...

Friday, 20 March 2009

Been sick for a few days. In a pretty bad shape that I couldn't even got out of bed to play with my little daughter every morning as usual T T.

I wonder why I always feel really sick in the morning and before bed, but feel much better in the afternoon. It's like I couldn't get up in the morning but could walk around and even cook for my baby in the afternoon. Is this a normal thing for this type of cold I caught?! - -"

Anyway, there're a lot going on in my mind lately. Mostly about my shop on Etsy. I talked with my husband a few times discussing on the reasons why I had no sale. I know that sounds quite simple for everyone who just started a shop. But is it normal too that there're an amount of hearts I got almost every day, quite an amount of views too, but no sale at all?

The strange part for me is that I did some research on the same stuffs selling there, and everyone I found got at least 1 sale almost every single day! I can't really get that out of my mind. Sometimes I felt like there must be something wrong with my products?! -""-

Well, just thinking about it makes me sad T T

Lucky enough, I have this cute girl and a supportive husband here who always reminds me to keep doing what I am doing as I started it joyfully. He said that matters the most. I knowwww.... but can't help being disappointed sometimes :)

Anyway, here're a few stamps I've been carving this few days.
In case anyone passes by, please feel free to leave a note. :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I know just a tiny bit about making a blog and here I am, creating a new blog in English - -" Hope I can make my blog as nice as others I have visited. There's been changes in my life within these past few years. Huge change is, of course, having a baby girl :) I'm so happy having her around. She's such an angel! People keep telling me how adorable she is, not the look, but the way she acts. She doesn't cry much, but smiles a lot. She eats well and sleeps well. Having her makes me feel like falling in love once again! ^^
One more reason I started writing a blog here is this new experience I just encountered. Opening a shop online. It's fun and quite a challenge.
It's been a while since I started my small business on Etsy, the place that I felt like I should've found a longgg time ago. Well, it's just I was doing some other stuffs and didn't search for a place like Etsy that much - -" My bad.
Anyway, I start by selling commercial supplies, while I was busy nursing my new born child. About a month ago I got much more free time during the night since my daughter started have a real meal, she slept all night long. So I decided to get back to doing something fun again.
Carving stamps is one of those fun stuffs I love to do :)
Just wanna try posting a new blog and place a photo. Seems like I can handle this new thing. Yeah!