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Friday, 20 March 2009

Been sick for a few days. In a pretty bad shape that I couldn't even got out of bed to play with my little daughter every morning as usual T T.

I wonder why I always feel really sick in the morning and before bed, but feel much better in the afternoon. It's like I couldn't get up in the morning but could walk around and even cook for my baby in the afternoon. Is this a normal thing for this type of cold I caught?! - -"

Anyway, there're a lot going on in my mind lately. Mostly about my shop on Etsy. I talked with my husband a few times discussing on the reasons why I had no sale. I know that sounds quite simple for everyone who just started a shop. But is it normal too that there're an amount of hearts I got almost every day, quite an amount of views too, but no sale at all?

The strange part for me is that I did some research on the same stuffs selling there, and everyone I found got at least 1 sale almost every single day! I can't really get that out of my mind. Sometimes I felt like there must be something wrong with my products?! -""-

Well, just thinking about it makes me sad T T

Lucky enough, I have this cute girl and a supportive husband here who always reminds me to keep doing what I am doing as I started it joyfully. He said that matters the most. I knowwww.... but can't help being disappointed sometimes :)

Anyway, here're a few stamps I've been carving this few days.
In case anyone passes by, please feel free to leave a note. :)

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